VBA – Visual Basic for Application

Visual Basic for Application (VBA), is an event-driven programming by Microsoft, the original programming is based on Visual Basic 6, which is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

It begins in Microsoft Office 97 and allows users to create automation via Macro recorder or VBA programming; this is a simple straight forward Basic style programming language and replace the older scripts in older Office 95 or earlier.

The VBA had been upgraded to version 7 in Microsoft Office 2010, and it provides more functions and options to perform automation in Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project and Access.  Since Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac, VBA had been re-added, Mac users can also enjoy the same automation, but with limited developer interface than in Office on Windows platform, i.e. the path will be different in Mac, to use “:” as the directory.

Automation in Microsoft Office application is an important feature, that can help users to reduce tedious, repeatable tasks when working in Office applications, in addition, to reduce human errors in handling large amount of data.  However, this VBA can only work within the Office Applications environment.


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