Excel VBA – Check if Workbook is opened?

This is a function, to check if your workbook is opened or not opened.  If the workbook is opened, it will return the “True” value for further work; if the workbook is not opened, it will return “False”.  You can perform some basic file operation and validation when working with multiple workbooks or Excel spreadsheets.

Function IsWorkBookOpen(ByVal WBName As String) As Boolean

Dim WBook As Workbook

On Error Resume Next
Set WBook = Workbooks(WBName)
If WBook Is Nothing Then ‘Not open
‘MsgBox wbName & “Workbook is not open”, vbCritical
Set WBook = Nothing
IsWorkBookOpen = False
Else ‘It is open
‘MsgBox wbName & ” is open”, vbInformation
Set WBook = Nothing
IsWorkBookOpen = True
End If

End Function


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